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As I always tell people, HMO is a Latin abbreviation for "take two books and sit in the doctor's office for a while." Seriously, I always take a book when I have an appointment (and I use that term loosely). So, today I had an MRI scheduled for 10. By 11 I had completed the one book I took with me. Gave me time to read the flyers on my thyroid and other articles about diseases I now think I might have.

In any event, the book I took to while away the wait was one recommended to me by someone at my Dallas seminar a few weeks ago. Bless you, Joyce Cope, for sending me your personal (and autographed) copy of JOURNAL: THE SHORT LIFE AND MYSTERIOUS DEATH OF AMY ZOE MASON by Kristine and Joyce Atkinson (two Houston authors). You already know it is a quick read. While published as an adult novel, it should have some strong appeal for YAs as well. In this journal, which is more like an altered book, we meet Amy, a young mother of two whose husband has moved to Boston to take a job as director of a new cardiac institute. Amy and her kids have stayed behind in Houston to put the house on the market and prepare to move to Boston. In a series of letters, emails, journal entries, drawings, and other realia, the story unfolds. The mystery is actually at the end of the journal with an obit about Amy's death by apparent suicide and some other notices from newspapers in Houston and in Boston.

Joyce suggested it could be put to good use in a writing class and I agree. I think it is also a great example of an altered book, a great project to use with those books discarded from the library. One of the listservs has had some discussion about this project of late and now I see how it could be done nicely.

Thanks, Joyce, for the recommendation and for the loan of the book. I am placing it back in the mail to you today.

And..note to self: take two books next time.
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