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No Trick, Just a Tweet

Every time I read statements that show teachers are (to use their term) “embracing” the CCSS, I just scratch my head. It is certainly not what I ma hearing as I travel. What I hear is something more like, “So it is a fact for us. We are being forced to do it. How can we do it without losing our best practices?” So, when I saw this blog, I felt at least that my experiences were not outliers:

Here are teachers talking back to the professional organizations (in this case NEA and AFT) and their endorsement of CCSS. Actually, they are more than endorsing, they are advertising their support to parents and other stakeholders along with Exxon, an interesting partnership.

So, I decided to conduct my own very unscientific poll. I placed a 3 items survey here: It is unscientific for any number of reasons: no sampling being done, collecting no demographic data, someone could “stuff” the responses by completing the survey multiple times (probably should not have said that, huh?). But the one thing I wanted to do was make folks select YES or NO and not some other response. I know there are folks who do not hate the standards themselves but are being made crazy with how they are being implemented. I know folks from non-CCSS states will respond, too. And I know that since it is being posted to social networks, it will hit the feeds of people I follow and who are following me or who are “friends” on Facebook. While I asked for others to share it and retweet, the reality is that I hang out with like-minded individuals.

So, watch this blog. I am leaving the survey up until responses dwindle. I will post out reminder tweets and posts trying to cast a wider net. More to come.
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