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In like a lion?

So, it is not quite March, but this may be the only chance I get to post before heading off to the Big Apple for some YA seminars. I read BONE, a graphic novel by Jeff Smith. I know, the book is more than a decade old. However, Scholastic has just republished the first book in the series of none books under their new GN imprint: graphix. Moreover, they have done this republication in 4 color. It is an easy and interesting read, obviously part of a series as the ending was left wide open. Finally, a GN I would recommend without hesitation to younger readers, too.

THE TEQUILA WORM by Viola Canales was a lovely surprise. Her editor, Wendy Lamb, had told me I would love it and she is never wrong. Caanles grew up in the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas. I am totally familiar with the Valley as I have taught classes there for the past 15 years. In the past month I have been to Laredo and to Edinburg, so I love stories set in familiar locales. This is a collection of stories, vignettes, about one family. The stories could each stand by themselves but are instead woven into one marvelous novel. It covers curanderos, brujas, Dia de los Muertos, quinceaneros, and so many other subjects seldom seen in YA literature. While it is reminiscent of David Diaz' CRAZY LOCO and the stories of Rene Saldana with a little bit of Sandra Cisneros' WOMEN HOLLERING CREEK, this is also a unique collection with a voice that is memorable. There are so few books out there about Hispanics and their culture that it is wonderful to find this gem.
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