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soccer chick rules

The fine editors at SIGNAL sent me SOCCER CHICK RULES to review for an upcoming issue. This slim novel is certain to appeal to reluctant readers (girls) in middle grades. Tess is a soccer fiend. She attends school just to stay on the team and play. When a new levy (tax increase) appears to be doomed to defeat, Tess knows it will mean the end of school bus transportation, soccer, and the careers of some of her favorite teachers and coaches. So, Tess and her pals begin to plan a campaign to get the vote out in favor of the levy. Trying to take care of soccer practice, school work, AND getting out the vote is tiring. However, Tess and her classmates pitch in to do what they can.

I appreciated this look at what schools face when it comes to bonds and levies. "Extras" are often the first to go. What some think of as extracurricular are, however, exactly the things some kids need to remain in school and graduate. So many art and fine art programs have been cut from schools already in the name of NCLB. It is good to read a book that gets it right. This book also fills a void in the literature: good books with athletic girls as main characters.
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