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How I have missed reading my friends' postings and even posting myself. I decided to have lasik-type surgery done to help my ailing vision (nearly blind in my left eye) before the end of the year. So, this is the first day that I could see well enough (aided by some "cheaters") to read postings. So, no new books to report on right now though I am reading a little more every day/ It will take about 6 weeks for the sight to settle down enough for a new prescription for glasses (there is no such thing as 20-20 vision with my weird eyes). However, there is lots of flying in 2007, so I expect to post copiously in the New Year.

Christmas was a blur (literally). The kids have already spent their gift cards and cash and are already looking for chores to do to score more bucks (not gonna happen). College girl is back in her apartment and sleeping until noon no doubt. The only decorations left out are on the tree. We decided to let the tree stay up a few more days and it is lovely still. We cleaned out closets yesterday so we could make room for all the new stuff. I cleaned out mine not for the new clothes but so I could hang up a few sweaters and such as the weather is cooler now.

To all my LJ friends, thanks for the postings that make me smile and lift my spirits, inform me, make me cry. I look forward to 2007 knowing you are all out there.
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