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CCSS and Censorship

A colleague sent me this link yesterday: It is not the first of its kind I have seen. It seems that there are many who are taking issue with the Exemplar Texts of CCSS. Many of the objections are coming from the right, but that in and of itself is not the point. The point is, that by limiting the materials students and teachers might use within CCSS (and I will acknowledge that CCSS does not state that the Exemplar Texts are required. However, they are being used by many who are hastening to implement the standards as they are "approved."), we leave ourselves open to more and more challenges.

Let us move from this post which is intended to cause an uproar (read the comments to see how it succeeded) and focus on the need to approach the CCSS Exemplar Texts with a more critical eye. Here is THE LITTLE PRINCE for 4th grade, Emily Dickinson and Christina Rossetti for 2nd grade, Russell Freedman's bio of Lincoln for 3rd grade. And there are plenty more examples of books placed almost willy-nilly (though I am sure it is by lexiles and ATOS measures) in the K-12 bibliography.

As we approach Banned Books Week, let us please keep the needs of the reader in mind, not the needs of those who built a set of standards with little regard to anything beyond the numbers.

I am thrilled to note that Judy Blume will join Laurie Halse Anderson and me (squee!) for the NCTE Twitter chat next Sunday at 8 eastern time.
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