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follow the money

When I heard former President Clinton use the term "common core" relating to education in his remarks on the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, I was disappointed. I find it hard to believe that freedom is synonymous with CCSS or any other program that dictates so much in terms of how to teach, what to teach, and when to teach. So I offer this link to a post that talks about the involvement of private funds throughout the process of the development of CCSS. It is not the only post out there, but I appreciate how well the author followed the step-by-step process. So, here it is:

Read to the end of the comments to the Trackbacks and Pings that will show related pieces on the money issue and CCSS. As we prepare to celebrate Labor Day tomorrow, I am particularly concerned about the state of education, especially when following the money trail. It smacks of the Citizens United situation. Those with money have power. Unfortunately, kids have neither.
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