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as the month comes to a close

Tomorrow is a school visit for me, my only one for the spring I think. I will see hundreds of 8th graders who will come to the library for some booktalks. I enjoy the time with the kids but they are exhausting as well since I always have to be "on" to keep them focused on the books.

Finished reading MY BROTHER'S KEEPER by Patricia McCormick. I so admired her first novel, CUT, a few years ago, so I was looking forward to reading this book. I was not at all disappointed, either. McCormick has crafted a believable and important novel about siblings and their relationships. Toby is the middle son, younger brother to star athlete Jake and older brother to resident pain in the butt Eli. When Jake begins to hang out with a rough crowd and do drugs, Jake is torn between covering up for his brother and wanting so much to make him stop the destructive behavior. It is a complex situation, compounded by his parent's recent divorce and a budding interest in a classmate named Martha. McCormick achieves a delicate balance in this novel: keeping it real and hopeful at the same time.

Logging off now to go watch the Oscars and see who looks trashy. People wathcing is so much fun, even at this great distance.
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