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Whatsoever you do to the least of them, that you do unto me

Okay, I do not mean to get all preachy, but this morning as I was reading posts about first days of school, I thought about how teachers saved me, raised me up, encouraged me, and continue to sustain me. The verses from the Bible about whatsoever we do for the least, that we do unto God as well somehow connected with these musings (sometimes, I overly identify with Sheldon Cooper on BIG BANG THEORY) when he talks about his train of thought. I understand how strangely the mind can connect seemingly random elements all too well). I jotted down a couple of thoughts so that I would not forget them in the shower, and these are the basis for my blog today as many of you go back to PD and to your classrooms.

When you stood in the doorway and greeted me as I entered the room, I felt special. I felt as though I were a member of the community. I felt that you cared about me.

When you read aloud, I felt as though I had found a kindred spirit. I felt as if you had selected a book just for me. I knew I was the one to whom yuou were reading.

When you offered encouragement, you renewed a sense of hope in me. You let me know that mistakes were normakl, that I could try again and be successful. You made me believe I could do it.

When you shared your writing, you let me see beyond the surface. You let me see the PERSON and not just the teacher. You showed me that all writers struggle and that all writers are different in their approaches.

When you saw ME, the me beyond the outside, you let me know I was valued, respected, loved.

Happy new school year, friends. Than you for what you do for every single child who comes your way.
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