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As we fly back from Sweden to the US, I just wanted to record some random thoughts I jotted on the tiny pads they give you in hotels these days. They are related, I know, but they are all still percolating in my brain, too.

Blythe Woolston wrote the other day,"I did not WANT to be a reader, I just was." That knockedme back on my heels. I started to think about my early childhood. Did I want to be a reader or was I, like Woolston, just WAS a reader? I honestly do not know the answer as I cannot recall a time when I was not a reader. I do remember being read aloud to, but I am not sure that I thought at the time, "Huh, wonder when I learn to do this?"

I know Tomie dePaola writes of heading off to school and expecting to be able to read by the end of the day.

I overheard a kindergarden teaher the other day say she hoped kids can to school already able to write their names and read some independently.

We are testing kids to see if they are "ready" for kindergarden.

Maybe it all comes down to this: are we pushing kids? A someone who has written a bit about ladders, I have always been conscious about pushing kids up the rungs too quickly. Sometimes it is best to linger on a step, gain balance and perspective, plan the next step more carefully. Maybe we let kids take charge of that next step and when they will advance or linger? Can we do that? Does everyone need to read ANTIGONE (this was a discussion with some colleagues as we dined in Jonkoping the other night) or ROMEO AND JULIET? Who decides? The College Board? Teachers? Teachers in concert with kids?

Lots of questions and fragments here. Not sure about the answers. Not sure there are answers.
Tags: questions, random, readiness, requirements
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