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Lagging behind

Spent all of Wednesday getting to Sweden. Three hour flight to Newark followed by lmost 9 hours to Stockholm. Followedby SLEEP (10 here is 3 am my body time). So pardon if not all of this makes perfect sense, Internet is spotty as well (darn it), so I am hoping it will hold up so I can get off a post tonight.

One of the things I love about travel that stretchs out like yesterday is that I have the chance to do nothing more than read. And read I did. I read EXTREMITIES, a collection of very dark short stories by David Lubar. Loved the collection. One of the things I love to do with collections (and my grad students read Athletic Shorts as one of the required books) is ask students to read one story in common and then select 1 or 2 more on their own using whatever criteria they wish (length, title, etc.). This gives us both a common sharing and then tie to compare and contrast other interests, likes, dislikes. "Evil Twin" and "The Ex Box" were personal favorites of mine, and I think I would have all readers select "Feeligs" for the class talk.

I was planning on reading HYPNOTIST next, but it fell between my seat and the wall of the aircraft, and I could not retrieve it (and I am spotying a HUGE bruise that shows how hard I tried to get it back). No worries as I had 4 other books packed in carry on. So I read ZEBRA FOREST next. Debut novel and outstanding. Several of my Twitter palshad mentioned it and so into the carry on it went. This one wikll tie nicely to BNRIDGE TO TERABITHIA and ladder up to SCOWLER and ALMOST HOME and to the one I am reading now, IF YOU FIND ME.

Finally, I read SONG OF THE QUARKBEAST by Jasper Fforde I love his adult books (Thursday next, Nursery Crimes series). This is the sequel to LAST DRAGONSLAYER though it can be read as a stand alone. I love being back in the Ununited Kingdom and among the residents of Kazam, a magical business enterprie run by fondling Jennifer Strange.

I hope to be able to post more and include photos) from Stockholm if the internet cooperates. But if I go silent, you all know why. Ah technology. The upside? More time to read.

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