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what motivates us?

When I see a tweet claiming 20 apps to motivate kids to read, I tend to click on the link. I did this the other day and found a bunch of apps that, first and foremost, would not motivate kids I know to read. One was a collection of more than 150 leveled books with scripted lessons (actual description at the site, I swear). Another app was mostly bells and whistles. One was a literary analysis guide. Sheesh! We need to talk about motivation and what we mean by that word. We also need to talk about apps that are worthwhile and apps that are mostly bells and whistles.

I prefer to talk about the former: what should we have on hand to motivate readers? We are going to cover some familiar territory, so you returning campers can go off exploring on your own if you'd like. I have been thinking a bit about this as I see the ads for school supplies. I love supplies. I love buying new pens and paper and notebooks and such even though I no longer need to do so (almost all of my writing is done at the keyboard). But, for me, the first item on the list of supplies for motivating readers? A teacher who reads! Next? Books, right? Final supply? Time to read and talk about the books. These three things are better than any app ever will be or hope to be.

I could wax on eloquently, but I think short and to the point is the best. If you want to supply your classroom for the fall, gather up some books and start reading. We motivate kids first by showing them what is important in OUR lives.
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