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who is this author and what has he done with the real Kevin Brooks?

The latest offering from Kevin Brooks is a departure from his typical fare. Is that a good thing? I think when BEING is the offering, perhaps it is a good thing to see an author venture into some new territory. Robert goes to the hospital for what is supposed to be some tests on his stomach. Doctors think he might have an ulcer. However, when his exam becomes more invasive, Robert suspects there are some real problems and not with his stomach. Enter the villainous and imposing Ryan. Something is terribly amiss with Robert's insides, and Ryan is present to take control over Robert. However, Robert senses he must flee. He must somehow escape from Ryan and discover who or what he really is.

Part mystery, part thriller, part romance, part sci-fi, BEING is as much of a puzzle as the character Brooks creates. Is Robert human? Can he manage to defeat the omnipresent Ryan? The reader is left guessing to the bitter end.

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