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on the road again

Took most of the day to get to te MRA conference here on Mackinac Island. Weather problems made for some interesting moments. But i had 6 books packed, just in case of a reading emergency. I finished only 2, so things should be okay.

Once again, I was wiping away tears as I finished an audio en route to he airport and then completed another one as we landed in Detroit. The power of books to connect with readers at such a personal, emotional level has been the subject at this blog for a few days, but it bears another go.

I have been thinking a lot about engagement of late. I loved listening to Ellin Keene talk about this at Boothbay. The work of Cambourne still resonates, too. The power of books to engage readers, to hold them captive within the pages, to make them care about characters in a book, to connect fictional lives to their very real lives, well, it is just magic.

Sometimes that connection occurs because of the experience I bring to the text (take that, CCSS). But even when the work is fantassy, there are toustone moments. Last night's #titletalk was all about fantasy and participants had no trouble identifying books that moved them, that made them the readers they are today. The Beatles sang, "There are places I remember, all my life..." For me, there are characters I remember, long after the last page is turned, the book closed and handed off to another reader. Those books would fill rooms. Perhaps that is why I am stil able to be moved to tears after all these years?

I would love to wax eloquently, but I am exhausted and the eyes fatigued from lots of hours spent reading today. Here's hoping your day was filled with engaging books as well.
Tags: engagement, reading
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