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new vision, re-vision

After spending the better part of a week talking books and reading with folks at the American Library Association conference in Chicago, I find that I am finding a bit more time to read. I am sure part of that is because I brought home about 30 pounds of books (and without ever walking the exhibits since the floor was so crowded and intimidating to me with a bad knee and a cut and bruised heel). I have found some shelf space for the books until I have the opportunity to weed.

I had some first time experiences at this ALA after almost 25 years. I shared a cab with a first time attendee after he Newbery banquet and loved listening to her talk about the wonder of seeing all of the authors and hearing the winners speaking. The Nerdy Book Club was there in force, and for many of them, this was their first ALA as well.

Seeing the conference through the eyes of new folks brings another layer of shine to a conference I already love each and every time I have the chance to attend. Bringing a new vision or a re-vision means using those new eyes even if they are in my old head. It is why talking about books (new and older ones) works. Reading aloud, ditto. Displays, too.
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