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I have been here in Boothbay for several days now (what day IS this?) listening to smart people talk about books, kids, reading, and writing. Last nigh Ellin Keene spoke about engagement. She said something I have been mulling over: engagement resides within the individual; teachers cannot provide the engagement. What teachers can do is provide the environment, provide the materials. I think for me that this is a discussion if intrinsic versus extrinsic engagement. (and I apologize to Ellin if I am bringing too much if myself into this).

I can provide the materials (the array of books and other materials go read) and the environment (quiet place to read). I can booktalk, create displays, read aloud, and more. But if kids do not engage, there is little I can do to MAKE them. That is the heavy lifting they need to do. I must, though, be a model. I must show them that I am engaged, that I am motivated, and that the motivation comes from inside me.

Ellin also talked about the importance of making sure kids see how we become engaged, what we do as we enter into the situation at hand. That is key, too. It id also why I worry when all of my classes are online and I do not get to interact with the students as I used to be able to do. How do I model and convey engagement? And, so, I big nd tweet and post to Facebook and try my best to let student see my engagement and enthusiasm and motivation. I dispense advice, whether solicited or not. Now, I need to head out to do some writing before I get in trouble with Linda Rief.
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