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Message in a bottle

Two pieces from the Twitter feed this morning just happened to sync with something that has been rattling in my head of late: words, specifically the terminology that is being flung around by the education reform movement, those loves of crises. I know the power of words, of course. They can heal or at least help in the healing process. Witness the words from the opening of The Colbert Report last night,,20710620,00.html) where Colbert pays tribute to his mother. Powerful, emotional, heartfelt, and more. They show the man behind the façade he projects nightly on his show. After watching those moments, I was thinking about words and how they can heal. But as I turned to some items on, I saw how words can also wound. An educator was commenting on some of the recent pieces calling for a moratorium on testing for CCSS and basically saying those who are critical or who are asking for some time to reflect are causing undue harm. So, imagine my delight when Twitter links took me to two links.

The first is a "reform-to-English dictionary," a spot-on satire: We could add to this list, of course. But here is the power of words to skewer, to make light of something terribly dark, to bring us to the bottom line of education reform. Smart piece, smart writer.

The second piece is about the mission of the First Church of Educational Reforms (honestly, I think we have a new series, here). It comes from Along with the recent release of the NCTQ report, this is the other side of reform: if we cannot kill teachers and free, public schools, let's kill the colleges of education instead. With all of the discussion of late, I began to feel as though I were one of the elite, the "effete snobs" as Agnew termed those press members who dared to disagree with his administration's actions (illegal though they were).

I spent some time in the car yesterday listening to an audiobook. Monday was given over to locating audio clips to play at the Odyssey ceremony at ALA. Words are swimming in my head non-stop. I am ever-grateful for the words, grateful that there are legions of us using words to speak the truth as dismaying as it might be from time to time. Words, you see, in addition to having the power to heal, to skewer, to wound also have the power to SAVE.

sweat words
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