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Leave it to the professionals


When I decided to take today as a ME day, I thought it was a good idea. Like the above photo, I thought a mani/pedi followed by hair color and cut would be the perfect antidote to the 14 hours I spent yesterday getting 4 presentations in the can (well, at least the power point piece). Best laid plans and all that intervened. Instead of the spa type day I envisioned, the day threw several monkeywrenches at me (and the monkeys on those wrenches were flinging things, too, not just wrenches). I felt more like this:

inappropriate word

Despite the bumps along the way, I love the color on my nails and the color in my hair. The professionals whose job it is to make that happen came through despite some challenges. Why, oh why am I talking about nail polish and hair ink? Well, because the bottom line is that professionals do a job I could not. If I had attempted to paint nails or color hair, the disaster would have been more than the speed bumps I experienced today. As a matter of fact, the woman that does my hair color labored over me for 2 hours until SHE was as pleased as I was.

So, why won't others leave it to professionals? Why does the NCTQ get a pass on the credentials of their investigators (and actually I think the word INSTIGATORS is more accurate)? Why do professional organizations still support the IDEA of CCSS instead of asking why we are mired in this mess? Why just call for a moratorium on testing (and the IRA finally came along today to add their voices to the call for a period of "wait and see") when we need clarion calls to reject a curriculum that has serious flaws? Have we sunk so low as a profession that we no longer are permitted to offer opinions?

As you can see, I did have some time to ponder the imponderable today. I even fit in bout 70 pages of a book I had been waiting to read for a week. Now, I am focusing on heading to Maine and the Boothbay Institute at the end of the week. That is a different kind of ME day (get it?).
Tags: ccss, decisions, idiocy, nctq, profession
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