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Letting my geek flag fly

I love books. While that does not make me different from lots of others folks, sometimes I think I love books a bit too much, too deeply. A couple of quick examples. I was working today on selecting clips from the Odyssey winning titles for the award presentation at ALA in Chicago in a few short days. It took me hours becsause as soon as I started hunting for clips I thought best prepresented the audio acrobatics of the narrators, I fell into the stories again, listening to track after track after track. This should have taken me a lot less time, but once more I was carried away by ARTEMIS FOWL: THE LAST GUARDIAN, GHOST KNIGHT, MONSTROUS BEAUTY, and THE FAULT IN OUR STARS.

Over the last week or so I have forced myslef to read only a handful of pages each day in a forthcoming piece of nonfiction done in GN style called BAD FOR YOU by Kevin C. Pyle. Forcing myself to go slowly and savor all of it, pore over the page again and again to make sure I have not missed anything. I confessed on Twitter yesterday that I wanted to keep it secret and make sure everyone knew about it at the same time. This is a special book for me, geek that I am. It talks about the things that adults deem bad for kids: video games, technology, comic books, and more. It has so much detailed information about censorship efforts, about media overplaying the significance of something. There is the history of the hearings about the comic books in the 1950s and the outcry by the NRA about videgames following the murders at Sandy Hook, the fearmongering about how movies, radio, TV, and the internet are slowly causing our minds to become somehow less.

I am in love with this book. I plan to require it for my YA lit class (once it is published). And I want to keep it "sekrit" so I am the one to show it to everyone else. I worry that others will not love this book as deeply as I do notr find it as compelling a read. Does that make me weird? Yes. Am I disturbed by this. Nope, not one bit.

So, here I am waving that geeky flag:

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