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watch and laugh and learn

David Lubar, in addition to writing some terrific books (SLEEPING FRESHMEN NEVER LIE, DUNK to name just two), has an incredible sense of humor. Take a look at his parody song to the tune of Karma, Chameleon called Common Core tedium, here: Then head over to his web site ( for the lyrics.

Last night, after spending a day working with CTCTE and CTWP, Donalyn Miller (@donalynbooks) and Karin Perry (@karinlibrarian) and I shared dinner and then about 3-4 hours of conversation about books and reading and teaching. We talked Nerdy Book Club. We talked about books we had read with one person mentioning a book and two others entering it onto this TBR list. We debated some books (how I love it when we agree but I also love it when we disagree). This is exactly what readers in a community do: they take time to talk thoughtfully about books and reading. We sit up late at night to read (or get up at the crack of dawn to do the same).

So, even though today finds me a trifle tired and facing a drive home, I am psyched. That drive will be spent talking books and reading and ideas for getting the word out to others about the books and apps and ideas that are generated when readers gather. Soon, I will be with a host of great minds at the Boothbay institute (Kylene Beers, Sara Kajder, Penny Kittle, Linda Rief, Bob Probst, Chris Crutcher) and from there I head to ALA in Chicago. And that is the nature of community: some are permanent and others are transitory. Some pop up serendipitously and others last beyond the FTF meetings and live online, via fancy phone, and through conference gatherings. I wonder during these summer months if our students are finding communities to support them. I wonder what wwe might do. I hope the communities are there and welcoming new members.
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