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So I was on my own for lunch today and it gave me just the right amount of time to finish reading LIFE AS WE KNEW IT by Susan Beth Pfeffer. I am already a huge fan of her books, and this one grabbed hold of me and would not let go. Miranda's life (and the life of all on this fragile planet) is endangered when an asteroid hits the moon and knocks it off course. Tsunamis wipe out towns; volcanoes spread ash and block the sun. In journal entries, readers learn of how one teen's life goes from carefree to careworn in a short period of time. The book focuses on Miranda and her family as the food supplies dwindle and a flu begins to kill thousands of townspeople. Just when things look the most bleak, though, hope pushes through the dimness.

There has been talk of awards for this book, and I certainly agree that it is a riveting read. It is also one that will appeal to teens who will wonder what they would do if faced with the uncertainties Miranda must encounter. Tie this on to FIRESTORM, too, I think.

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