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sound the death knell?

Methinks perhaps CCSS is experiencing some hefty pushback of late. Here is one piece of evidence: Rhee pronounces that CCSS must move forward, noting: "The vast majority of states have adopted the standards. I've heard some recent rumblings from folks who say we don't like it when the federal government is telling us what to do. We don't like that. You know what you should not like? The fact that China is kicking our butts right now," Rhee told attendees. "Get over feeling bad about the federal government and feel bad that our kids are not competing."

Here is the same old tired rhetoric and misinformation. Pair that with what is offered by Jeb Bush: "These standards, the Common Core standards, are clear and straightforward. They will allow for more innovation in the classroom, less regulation, they'll equip students to compete with their peers from across the globe," Bush said. "Do not pull back. Please do not pull back on Common Core standards."

Let's be straight about a couple of things here.

1. The standards are not going to bring about any sort of miraculous innovation in the classroom. I think most teachers fear the opposite is true.
2. Take a look at what is happening in other countries. Last night, the BBC reported that unemployment rates among college grads in some of the European Union countries approaches 50%.

The best news this week about CCSS is that NCTE President Sandy Hayes called for a testing moratorium: While this does not go nearly far enough (IMHO), it is a beginning. IRA and ALA and other national organizations need to follow suit and do the same. If our professional organizations are not standing up for teachers (or worse, are in cahoots with CCSS architects and supporters), then we need to consider whether they offer us Anything for our membership dues. Money talks.
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