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As I was checking out of the grocery store this morning, I saw a flyer for a summer reading program sponsored by HEB. Kids read 10 books, get parent initials, and then send off for a prize. I jokingly said something about doing it since I am already reading. The check out woman said she wished she had more time to read. Conversation about book ensued. Books and reading seem to be the topic of conversation no matter where I am. When we returned from the store, the mail carrier was waiting with a huge box of books from Random House. I went through them quickly, separating the easy readers and picture books from the YA, and stacking books I already read (in ARCs) in the giveaway pile for a future workshop. Then, I settled in and read about 10 easy readers and picture books.

I recalled a paper I had read earlier in the week here:
that talked about how good books are the best intervention of all. And I concur. Finding that right book for the reader at hand is so important. It can be a life-changing moment, that time when the perfect book pulls a reader inside and demands to be read. In part, this is why I read as widely as I can. I never know which book will be the ONE.

So, I hope all of you will join Donalyn Miller (@donalynbooks) for this summer's #bookaday challenge. Dedicate some portion of each day this summer to read a book (or, like me, from time to time, you can read a handful or two of picture books all in one sitting to cover the week). Think of how many books you will add to your arsenal or toolbox or data base or whatever term you use to refer to the books you keep filed away mentally to talk to kids about. I attempt to do #bookaday all year (my schedule allows for a bot more flex time). It has made so much difference for me in terms of narrowing my reading gaps, of growing my list of GO-TO books, and of adding to my knowledge of the trends and fads in the children's book field. I also make many more connections and build more and more ladders along the way. So, how about having a constructive summer? Read. Share. Read some more.
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