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As the school year winds down, generally the number of challenged books seems to decrease. Not this year, apparently. Here is a link to the most recent one:,0,1925459.story.

This one centers on THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER. The book was selected for a type of literature ciurcle reading by the kids themselves. It was not on the shelves of the school library. One parent objected, A committee recommended the book be retained for 8th grade only. And then the school board decided they did not need to follow the procedure, and voted to remove the book entirely.

This is not the first time parents have tried to ban this book. The other attempt was unsuccessful. However, it appears as though the book has not been successfully removed from this school in any situations. One board member (one who voted against following the recommendations of the reconsideration committee), expressed regret at having cast a vote at all. Those who spoke in favor of retaining the book noted that allowing one person to determine what other kids can and cannot read is censorship pure and simple. I adore the final quote of the article:

"Personally, I think books are a pretty safe way to encounter some of life's more difficult situations."

I could not have said it better myself.

SpeakLoudly, folks, the censors are winning here...
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