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Retraining the brain or brainwashing by any other name

So, here is the tease from a site that wants me to register to read more:

By Meris Stansbury, Associate Editor

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) ask students to perform with higher levels of cognition and application, and brain training and specific teaching methods can help students succeed with these new standards, experts say.

I did not register to read more because this short excerpt tells me that the rest of the "article" will: a) increase my blood pressure beyond what is good for me and b) be full of so many errors that I could not possibly address them coherently and c) be a huge waste of my time but will more than likely go viral as another of THE answers to how to succeed at CCSS. But here is the link for all you masochists out there:

Have I missed something? Are there higher levels than application, synthesis, evaluation, and analysis? Oh yes, in 1999, Bloom's taxonomy shifted somewhat and looks like this now.


And so we add create to the top. But, really, did create not exist before 1999? And are there newer, higher, and better levels since then? Nope. What we have now are the jackals, the vultures (select your own predatory metaphor) in the form of consultants who are here to show you how to retrain kids' brains so that they can succeed at CCSS. The concept of higher order thinking skills is NOT new nor is it the doman if CCSS any more than choice in reading and access to books is the domain of Accelerated Reader.

What I want is the magic pill that will circumvent developmental aspects of kids, that will allow kids who are not able yet to abstract to think abstractly. I know how to scaffold that, BTW, and have been doing just that for 30+ years. No, I want the magic wand that waves away the notion that kids develop in different ways and at different times but that most educational experts also acknowledge that there are some things beyond the ken of the 1st grader, etc., things that will be possible as those kids get older and their brain and thought and morals and values and all that jazz develops. too.

I worry that we keep repackaging and relabeling and reselling stuff to those who are desperately seeking answers. Monies are being spent on snake oil when there are truly good opportunities for PD out there. So let me invite you to become a member of the Nerdy Book Club, to join in #titletalk, and to participate in the summer edition of #bookaday. I guarantee that THIS PD will be worthwhile (and FREE). Join me?
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