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Why I Teach

All it takes is one positive comment to keep me going for a LONG time. As I was grading some of the final reflections from the classes this semester, I ran across this note from a student:

"Twitter, #titletalk, and blsgs…what a great experience. I already have #titletalk in my calendar for next month. I will keep doing this!!!!!!!! I also will keep checking Twitter and reading blogs. I cannot waste these amazing tools!!!!!

I felt very overwhelmed at the very beginning with all these tools, but now I understand how to use them, and that I won’t be able to read everything, and with just one new thing I learn I will be happy!

I have to say that this class has been amazing, and challenging! A lot of work in each assignment, but at the same time it was an incredible amount of learning along the work. I feel I did not have to complete “busy work”. Each assignment leaves a new experience. What I like is that I will keep doing things I learn in the class, things that I did not do before it! I love my new “eyes” which I will keep using to look for good books to read and share!"

There were other comments that were also inspirational to me. This one serves as a sort of amalgamation of them all. Here are students who "get" what I was hoping to accomplish. Yes, it is demanding. Yes, it is time-consuming. No, I do not accept late work. But I do want learning to occur. And I would prefer if some of the learning came from a PLN (which these students build out on their own with some guidance from me). This is why I teach. Thanks!
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