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Oscar buzz, er Printz buzz and all that jazz

Yalsa-bk has been abuzz with talk of books that could make the Printz list and books others hated. Nothing like some contentious talk to help me decide what to read next. THE BOY IN THE STRIPED PAJAMAS is one of those books hat seems to have no middle ground. Folks either hate it or love it. I fell into this fable a few hours ago and just now tumbled back to reality. John Boyne has constructed the story of Bruno, a 9 year old boy who moves with his family from Berlin to a place he calls Out-With. There his solider father, a newly commissioned commandant will run Out-With. At first, Bruno hates the new house; he has no friends for one thing. When he meets Schmuel on the other side of the barbed wire fence that separates his house from the camp, Bruno does not quite comprehend what is happening. He is just content to have someone his own age to talk to each day. The story moves closer and closer to a precipitous edge. Older readers will certainly know what is happening, what the true nature of Out-With is, and how this story must end. However, even this jaded older reader hopes for a happier ending, hopes that history will not mete out the cruel punishment it must. Here is a book that, in some ways, is reminiscent of WRINGER and THE MOVES MAKE THE MAN. You know as a reader what will happen but still hope that right will prevail, that folks will find a way to protect the innocent. It is not the happy ending we seek; it is justice.

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