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Get Caught Reading!

May is GET CAUGHT READING Month. That does not take much effort for me: getting caught reading, that is. When you are surrounded by books, getting caught reading happens frequently. Here is my desk this Friday morning, for example:

surround books

How do we ensure that our kids get caught reading? I suggest these simple steps:

1. SURROUND THEM WITH BOOKS. Research indicates that even if the school library is steps away from your classroom door, students are more likely to be connected with books if they are in your classroom, too. Face it, there is no excuse when the books are close at hand. Left your book in the locker? Pick up another one. Cannot check out a book because you have one overdue at the school library (or owe a fine)? Go get one from the shelves. Finished a book? I have another.

2. TALK TO THEM ABOUT BOOKS YOU ARE READING. One of the reasons I blog about books every day is it is one way for me to share with others what I am reading. Yesterday, I finished this one. I am over the moon about it and will talk about it to anyone who asks. A girl, her squirrel, a bit of magic, some snark: this is everything I covet in a book.


3. LET THEM TALK TO YOU AND OTHERS ABOUT THE BOOKS THEY ARE READING. This does not have to be formal though it cold be. I used to take the first part of classes on Friday to let anyone who wanted to do so talk about the book(s) he or she was reading. Often, their talk propelled others to check out the same book. We had a run on NECESSARY PARTIES when the captain of the football team raved about it in class.

My HOPE (VISION) is that you encourage kids to GET CAUGHT READING not only in May but throughout the year.
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