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Ah, the weekend

Looks like a rainy day which means the chance to do some more reading. Completed the new Alex Flinn, FADE TO BLACK, this week. Alex is one of the YA authors who constantly amazes me with her writing. BREATHING UNDERWATER was an incredible first novel, and you wonder how she will top it. Along comes BREAKING POINT that is a totally different story and approach to storytelling and you know that here is someone whose work will challenge readers for some time to come. FADE TO BLACK fulfills the promise of Alex's first two books. This story, told in alternating viewpoints, deals with prejudice and bullying. Alex Crusan is an HIV positive student who has been harassed by a classmate, Clinton Cole. One morning, someone bashes in Alex's car windows with a baseball bat. Daria Bickell, a developmentally delayed classmate of Alex and Clinton, witnesses the event and points to Clinton as the assailant. The story unfolds through the eyes of these narrators, reaching a climax that readers will not expect. It is an incredibly quick and intensive reading experience.

Plan to finish THE TEQUILA WORM and MY BROTHER'S KEEPER this weekend, so check back next week.
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