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That Hope (Vision) Thing

Drove up to Fort Worth for the Texas Library Association Conference yesterday. Talk about a much needed boost! Last week I listened to folks in exhibit booths talk about the cure-all for the CCSS. I saw the enormous Pearson booth absolutely overshadow the booths with the real gold: book publishers. I even had an origami lesson from an author so that my name badge did not proclaim PEARSON to the world. I needed a book fix stat.

Stopped on the drive at a favorite watering hole, Buc-cees. No fewer than a dozen librarians there picking up caffeine and snacks. Spent longer than I intended catching up with the school librarians who stood up and demanded time to attend TLA during our precious state testing time. Passed more along the freeway (and some blew past me, too). Ran into a few in the hotel lobby and on the shuttle bus. As I made my way to pick up credentials I ran into former students, now friends. Hugs, kisses, exclamations about my hair.

Then, it was off to a session with Jon Scieszka on audio entitled GUYS LISTEN. PACKED ROOM!!!! On a Wednesday afternoon of state testing, hundreds of librarians gathered to hear Jon and Rose Brock and Cheryl Herman. Loved the energy in the room: much laughter, raucous at that. I took plenty of screen shots and posted them to Twitter and Facebook. Today, my colleague Rosemary and I are doing 100 booktalks in 90 minutes in the morning and then booktalks on new books for tweens and YAs after lunch. Dinner with publishers still later.

So, my vision (HOPE) is intact again. All is right with the world. I guess it is about priorities, right? Before I can worry about all the goals and skills and stuff, I need to have the essential ingredients: great books that will awaken the dormant reader, motivate the reluctant reader, support the struggling or striving reader, and feed the avid reader. Off to find some of those today.
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