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Stuck like a dope with a thing called hope...

OK, for the youngsters out there, the title of this blog post is a line from a song from SOUTH PACIFIC. The heroine of this musical knows she is an optimist and refuses to apologize for it. Events conspire to make her question her optimism. But, in the end, hope prevails.

Despite all of my blatherings here, I remain an optimist. I am hopeful that the pendulum will swing again, that we will move away from scripted curriculum that mandates what and when and how to teach. I remain confident that there are plenty of teachers out there who are using best practices and that they will survive the current assault of CCSS and RttT and the remnants of NCLB. Every time I see a post from Katherine or Paul or Donalyn or any one of dozens of my PLN members, I am reminded of the power of books and reading in the hands of the expert practitioner. The text messages that reach across the country to talk about common questions and concerns assures me that this, too, shall pass.

Some days this optimism is tough to tap into. And I know I am not alone. There are others questioning, seeking hope. If each of us would reach out to someone on those days, someone we know will offer solace, an open ear, a should to cry on, whatever is needed, then I think we will have more than a PLN. We will have created a CLN (caring learning network) and an SLN (supportive learning network) and even a FBLN (feel better learning network). All of these can be subsumed under this banner: A Network of Hope.

So, today I pause in my ranting and raving (to be resumed tomorrow I am sure) for some hoping. I hope you all have a fab Friday and a sleep in late Saturday and a Sunday of renewal. Let's see if we can face Monday with a smile and with the assurance that we are not alone. We are legion.
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