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Dirty Dozen

How aout this for a headline?

Dirty Dozen List: Warning! Are you aware of the top 12 facilitators of porn in America?

With your help, we will successfully target, expose and shame 12 top enablers of our country’s pornography pandemic.

Well, as it turns out, I am a member of 6 of these FILTHY organizations. My six allegiances are: WIKIPEDIA, BARNES & NOBLE, HILTON HONORS, GOOGLE PLAY, TWITTER, FACEBOOK and (drum roll, please) THE AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION. In case you think this is an extended April Fool prank, here is the web address:

These folks are serious. They object to unfiltered access to Internet at public libraries and CLAIM it is unfiltered in schools (it is not; there is a law about that). And this is part of the problem with censors (and make no mistake, these folks want to censor, are in favor of censoring): the misinformation abounds. And the name calling is problematic as well. ALA is accused of being in favor of child pornography (I have been called a pornographer myself for supporting OIF, NCAC, and the FTRF).

Just this morning, 27 students from one of our undergrad classes came to shop our weeded book trucks. We have 7 carts. Six are now EMPTY. This is how we fight back and SpeakLoudly, folks: arm future teachers with TONS of books to share with their kids and add to their classroom libraries. Nover once did I hear about AR or Lexile or "clean" books. They took tons of books for their classes (and quite a few for themselves as well, truth be told). So, go ahead "Morality in Media" (and here is another wonderfully subversive thing they do: look at that name, who am I to ask for IMMORALITY in media?) and "Safe Schools" (sorry, I like mine UNSAFE). I am helping train warrior-teachers in the fight against your narrow mindedness!
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