professornana (professornana) wrote,

The buck has to stop here

Arne Duncan (@arneduncan)

3/20/13, 7:05 AM

Expanding high-quality early learning is a win-win. It would make America more productive, more competitive, & save taxpayers millions

This was one of the first tweets I read this morning as I was sipping my coffee. With all due respect, Mr. Secretary, this is not about the money. And the buck has to stop with YOU. This is about the kids, sir. It is not about being competitive in a world market (we are talking about preschool here) or saving taxpayer money (because that is something that is not readily evident when we are asking for an expenditure of funds). It is about making sure that ALL kids have access to preschool, not just those whose parents can afford it. It is about ensuring that said preschool is not just a substitute for child care or babysitting, either, but is an environment that nurtures the child. It is about providing love and support and encouragement and BOOKS and CRAYONS and the other stuff of childhood that all kids do not get right now. It is about meaningful interactions with adults in addition to Mom and Dad and other family members. It is about field trips to the zoos and museums and botanical gardens.

We need to stop equating education as competitions and races. We need to bring it down to the human terms. Education is about kids. How about this for your next tweet:

Giving all kids access to high-quality early learning means we cherish our children and want the best for them.
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