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home for a few days

Flew back from Atlanta after a fabulous time with the 50 or so folks who came to the seminar. Had tons of time to read as I missed the earlier flight I was hoping to grab (of course, I was told I could carry on my bag but really one quart bag of toiletries for 3 days. Really???). Gave me time to finish reading FIRESTORM by David Klass.

I have been a huge fan of this author since WRESTLING WITH HONOR and CALIFORNIA BLUE. Then, he took my breath away with YOU DON'T KNOW ME (a book I still require in my YA lit class). Here he comes with another book that surprises folks who think they know an author's forte. FIRESTORM is unlike any of his previous books and certain to reach out to an entirely new audience.

As the novel opens, Jack is celebrating a football victory with his girlfriend in a local diner. When he returns home, expecting to be lauded by his mother and father, he is instead taken on a wild ride by his father and told an incredible story. Jack sets off on an adventure that will challenge everything he has ever known about his life, his family, and the world in which he lives. This breathtaking novel twists and turns unexpectedly as Jack tries to fulfill what others tell him is his destiny as the "beacon of hope" of his people. Think CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON meets HOOT and FLUSH with a touch of CAPTAIN NEMO and you will not even be close in describing this new adventure crafted carefully by the amazing Klass.
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