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Lost in some books

Aside from some grading and cooking (must have sustenance), I spent today lost in worlds created by authors, worlds that just sucked me in. The first half of the day was spent on the grounds (literally) of the palace with an earnest mouse, with a tail that twists into a question mark, who is searching for his name and his place in the world. The second half of the day has been given over to the land of fairies and princesses and enchanted beings and more. Despite the fact that these books are for younger readers, both trapped me and took me away from my own world and held me wiling prisoner.

And this heartens back to yesterday's post nicely. The only interruptions in my reading came from the need to eat or feed the cats or some other task. No questions, no dioramas, no log entry (though I will eventually blog them for my own records). Just reading, sweet reading.
Tags: books, reading
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