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W is for WEEDING

Working in a Library Science department for almost 25 years has more than rubbed off on me. I have learned on the job, so to speak. One of the greatest lessons I have learned from y colleagues is the need to weed my "collection." So, after the YMA each year, I attack my shelves. My purpose is two-fold. First, I end up locating those award winners that I did not get around to reading (but they have been lurking on my shelves waiting patiently). However, the second reason is perhaps the most important: these books now need to move on to new homes and make room for the next generation of books.

So, this past week, I began to tackle the shelves at the office. I pulled two huge boxes of books plus a book cart with books that need new homes. This Saturday, I will give away books to those students who are willing to maker the drive up to campus with empty bags and boxes. At home, there was more to do. After a year of service on the Odyssey Committee, I had hundreds of audiobooks that needed new homes. So today I mailed 13 boxes to teachers and librarians across the country. 7 more boxes are waiting in the front hallway for tomorrow's trip to UPS. Plus, there are hundreds of books that will be donated to two of my friends in Conroe ISD (they will come tomorrow after work to scoop them into boxes and bags).

This was Phase I. Phase II will begin in the next couple of weeks as I clear more books and the 4 remaining boxes of audio. These will go to the various locations in Texas where I will be speaking in the next 30 days (Beaumont and Richardson to name two). Others will accumulate for the next time I work up energy for packing more and shipping them.

I love this part of weeding. I know the books and audio are going into the hands of kids. They will fill classroom libraries and help round out collections in school libraries. Some will be given away directly to kids to KEEP and OWN. Others will be given away at various district functions. They will move into the hands of other readers, and that is all that matters to me.
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