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all seasons in a day

So this morning began in Columbia South Carolina where the temp and humidity had to be in the 80s. I called home this morning and, as I was chatting with hubby, the temperatures in Houston went from 78 to 50 (they ended in the 30s). Up in the air to Atlanta (why do they bother reaching cruising altitude for 5 minutes???) and back on the ground where it was....wait for it....freakin 80 degrees at 7 pm. So, I am am sitting in my pjs with sweat drying (sounds yummy, huh?) longing to go home where there is cool air.

On another note, about 5 minutes after the morning break today, the fire alarms in the convention center went off. Then, a computer voice intoned....ATTENTION..ATTENTION...ATTENTION (and I was probably the only one who thought of the line from A Thousand Clowns that attention must be paid) and then asked us to go to the nearest exit and assemble in our "zone." Thankfully, almost everyone at the seminar was either a teacher or a school librarian so we all joked that it was the end of the month requisite fire drill until the fire trucks pulled up. Turns out that a dishwasher had put off too much steam and set off the alarm. So, after about 5 minutes we shuffled back in for more of the seminar.

I love the SC folks. We had a great time today talking about books and kids and reading.

Almost finished a book on the plane from SC to GA and hope to have it blogged tomorrow.

G'night. I am going to indulge in some "must see TV."
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