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31 January 2013 @ 02:23 pm
Getting weary while resting?  
Demonstrating comprehension based on what a text says is not a problem. It’s a baseline skill for any literate human being.

So, I am still jet lagged from spending 6 days on the west coast. I am mainlining caffeine today as I have a meeting later and need to be able to form sentences. I am hoping for a miracle. But back tot he task at hand: that quote about baseline skills. I am not taking issue with the fact that comprehension is essential, especially literate individuals. However, one person's definition of comprehension and mine might differ a tad. Take a gander at the following.

REACTIVE LYMPHOID HYPERPLASIA is the benign and reversible enlargement of lymphoid tissue secondary to antigen stimulus. The lymph node response to stimuli varies. Follicles can increase in size and number; sinuses can enlarge and fill with histiocytes, or the architecture can be diffusely effaced by sheets of lymphocytes, a few immunoblasts and macrophages. In some cases there is a mixture of follicular, sinus and diffuse patterns. Each of these morphologically recognizable patterns is associated with certain antigenic stimuli, thus the morphologic type of lymphadenopathy may offer clues as to the etiology of the lymphadenopathy. FOLLICULAR HYPERPLASIA is characterized by enlargement of lymph nodes by hyperplasia of follicular (germinal) centers. At right, note the variablilty in the size of the follicles and the presence of mantle zones in the reactive node.

Now, tell me what this says in your own words, please. That is simple comprehension after all. OK, this is not a fair test, right? A doctor might be able to comprehend it. Someone outside of medicine struggles.

So, these glib comments from the CCSS architects drive me insane! I start with this glibness, but the glib leaks all over the place when you try to pin someone from CCSS down about specifics. There is so much that seems simple until you see someone struggling with it. I wish the writers of all the standards, demands, curriculum, models and the like would spend time with kids (and adults) who struggle. Perhaps they would not be quite so glib?
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