professornana (professornana) wrote,

No H8, please

After a 5 hour plane ride that resembled a roller coaster at times, I checked email to find more than 100 posts to the YALSA list about books posters did not like. It began yesterday, of course, when people questioned the wisdom of the selection committees. Their favorite book was not there. What is it with these literary awards, anyhow? Kids do not check them out. Why can't the awards be based more on appeal?

I am too exhausted from the committee work and the travel home to post rationally about this tonight. However, I do want to make a plea that we stop posting about books we hate. Is this really how we want to be seen by someone visiting the list (say a reporter)? Let's change the time and talk about titles we love, perhaps some that are under the radar of folks. Or talk about oldies but goodies that deserve to find a new audience.

I promise I will write more about this as I recuperate from meetings and travel. For now, I just want to thank all committee members who spent more hours than you can imagine reading and re-reading and re-reading books. I am combing my shelves and pulling those titles I have not read yet. Soon, the 2013 books will arrive for my next committee assignment. First, though, I want to see what I missed this year.
Tags: awards
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