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I am grateful....

that I am the only one stirring except for my faithful companions Rocky and GT who are at my head and feet doing their morning ablutions

that I am home for Thanksgiving

that I just spent a week with the best friends a girl could have at NCTE and ALAN

that I have these incredible friends who ask me to be a part of the festivities at ALAN and NCTE

that I had the chance to stay outside of Opryland and breathe some air occasionally

that the kids are already giddy with Christmas wish lists

that Natalie hugged her New Moon and Twilight books to her chest and took off to re-read them both

that Cali did the pre-Thanksgiving shopping for me while I was driving home from the airport and has created her own addition to the meal

that I do not have to cook said meal today (reservations are so much easier to make)

that we still assemble together for Thanksgiving with family and friends

that Henry had the chance to sleep in

that I am so blessed with a family that loves me for who I am, for friends who support me, for so many gifts (a great job, success professionally, colleagues who are fun to be with...)

that LJ is the only thing I seem to be dedicated to keeping up with (ouch--nasty sentence that but no coffee yet so no likelihood of making it more correct)

that the recent elections restored my faith in my country (though not in my fellow Texans)

that, even though they are gone, I still can hear the echoes of my mother and daughter as we prepare for Thanksgiving.

Have a great day, friends!
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