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Heart of readers

Thanks to a comment about a previous post, I have a title for today's brief post. I also think I might just have a title for a new book, but first things first. What does it mean to have the heart of a reader? For those of us who have that heart, the answer seems simple.

1. Someone with the heart of a reader is already a reader, enjoys reading, and turns to reading on a regular basis as an activity they prefer.

2. Someone with the heart of a reader does not need extrinsic motivation. No points, pizza, or other incentives are needed.

3. Someone with the heart of a reader tends to have friends who have reader hearts, too. They enjoy taking about books they have read, comparing notes.

4. Someone with the heart of a reader reads up and down and sideways. Sometimes they turn to books that are easy reads, and occasionally they challenge themselves, too. While they have comfort books, they read widely as well.

5. Someone with the heart of a reader recognizes that books entertain, inform, provoke, and touch them deep in those hearts. They know books can elicit laughter, tears, rage, and the full range of emotions.

There is more. But I need to get back to my book right now.
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