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Negative Examples

The Washington Post's Valerie Strauss has consistently pointed out the absurdities in education. One of her latest columns is here: Written by Jeff Bryant, this piece points to the serious money to be made as a result of CCSS. This quote just about captures it all:

The testing business is a $2.3 billion business. But testing is not where the real money is made. If you want to pass the test, you’re going to need preparation materials.

And the test prep stuff will run up the tially to about $500 billion. This will buy you materials, PD experts, and the like. For $4000 per person, for instance, you can earn a "black belt" in CCSS ( Other companies and universities are out there offering institutes, online webinars, and the like.

Here's the problem: all of the funds being spent on this type of training is money that does not reach the classroom and the kids. Imagine $4000 to spend in your own classroom this year. That could buy tons of books and other materials for an UNprogram. Heck, for $4000 I could come and do PD and give anyone interested a black belt in the UNprogram. And there would still be monies left over to buy some books!

Think of the savings if we could get schools to buy into the UNprogram.
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