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The new normal

Seems as though every time there is a tragedy be it the one that unfolded in Sandy Hook or a more personal event such as losing a daughter to cancer, there is a redefinition of normal that occurs. Now I am not equating these two events at all. The enormity of the murder of children and educators is almost too much to comprehend. Many better folks have tackled some of this, and I direct you to posts by Paul Hankins, Kylene Beers, and Jim Burke for some incredible reflections.

But I know that many of you are seeking what will be your new normal. For me it means a break in my routines, some quiet time for reflection, some solitary time. And then there is a return. I am still reflecting a lot. Church services today included lighting of candles on the Advent wreath. College Girl was asked to light one. Somehow standing there at the altar watching those lights come to life shifted part of my grief. Then, we welcomed some new folks into a year long journey toward communion with our church through anointing. And something else shifted inside. Reading Anne LaMott's HELP THANKS WOW this week has also been part of my attempt to find a new normal.

And so it goes. Tears will still be present and catch us unawares. We will hear the names of the 27 and weep. Photos of those children and their teachers will stare back at us and evoke so much raw emotion. We will search for our new normal. And somehow we will all find the way and the words and, as LaMott suggests, the Wow, too.
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