professornana (professornana) wrote,

Through a smudged lens

I am too heartsick to post much today given the enormous tragedy in Connecticut. My prayers go out to the entire community. I mourn the loss of lives, so young, so innocent. And the teachers and staff who gave their lives to keep kids safe.

But I will say this: the fact that the media are interviewing the traumatized children is testament to the disregard some have for children. How dare they approach kids who have witnessed murder and death and ask them to talk into the microphone? Please leave these kids alone. They are not your field reporters. They are kids. And right now they need to go home and talk to parents and counselors and ministers, etc. And parents: hug your kids tightly. Shed tears and let them see you, too, are moved by these events.

I think I will be dipping back into Anne LaMott's book tonight.
Tags: death, media, murder, sad
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