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never too late

On the drive back home today, I was reading with my ears again. Many of the books I have listened to during our drive have not suited the BH who is along for the ride. Too dramatic, too sad, too intense. But we found his "just right" book on the last piece of the drive. NOTES FROM THE DOG by Gary Paulsen was met with this comment, "Now, THIS is well written." A bit later, "This guy knows how boys think." And still later, "Yep, that is how adolescent males think." He asked who the author was. He recalled meeting Gary Paulsen some years ago as "the Iditarod guy." As we pulled up to the house, the book not quite finished, BH was concerned, "Please tell me this book ends happily."

Hooked, he is. I told him he would have to read the rest of the book either with his eyes or his ears. I know better than to give away an ending, after all.

What this brought home to me was that it is never too late: never too late to develop an appreciation for YA books, never too late to see the craft of a writer, never too late to appreciate the art of the audiobook. It is easy sometimes to throw in the towel. And then something happens that reminds you that we do not know which book mibght just be the gateway, the touchstone, the starting point. Have faith.
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