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Modeling again

On the drive to San Antonio this week, I listened to a dozen or so short audios based on picture and short chapter books. By the third audio, my husband wa becoming good at hearing flaws in the productions: breath sounds, swallowed words, awkward phrasing, etc. These were not awful audiobooks, mind you. The flaws were barely noticeable, but his ears were being trained to catch them. By watching me and, occasionally, with my comments, he was becoming mor of an expert.

And so it should be with our students. We need to sit alongside them. We need to model our behavior in such a way as to make certain it is observable and understandable. En, we need to be quiet and see what happens. Or students can be more critical listeners, readers, and writers with models who demonstrate processes, qwho pose questions, who ask for assistance from others.

For the past couple of days, I have been happy simply being a tourist on a mini-vacation. I cannot remember the last time I have been in this lovely city without being here for a conference. And so, I am taking a short break from "work" and simply finding joy in being.
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