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Community redux

I require that my graduate students in library science explore Twitter and blogs as part of their coursework with me.  Some are reluctant to do so.  What could these things possibly offer them, they wonder?  By the end of the semester, though, most  of them have "seen the light." Here is an excerpt from one of their end of the semester reflections:

Nerdy Book Club

Ok, call me a nerd, but I absolutely love this blog. I enjoy reading each day’s post and going back into the archives to read more. There’s not a whole lot of other fluff to this blog, and I think that’s why I like it. It’s plain and simple, yet informative. It also has links to a ton of other blogs. What I have learned from reading these blogs is that, once again, there is sooo much information out there for librarians and teachers. It’s amazing! I’ve always been preoccupied with my own little world and bubble of teaching special education, I never realized there’s another entire community out there that just pertains to reading. These blogs can and will definitely enhance my job as a teacher-librarian because I will gain so much knowledge from other people’s experiences. I look forward to working as a librarian so I can utilize these resources and information.

The emphasis on the word community is mine, but even without the emphasis, does this not jump out at you?  In reflection after reflection, this same theme is reiterated: there are others out there like me.  I can learn from them.  Makes all the effort worthwhile, I think.

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