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I was tooling around the internetz today while finishing an article about librarians' role in CCSS. One of the sites I landed on was Wonderopolis. Each day, a wonder is explored. The wonder is, in essence, a question posed. I am full of wonders. Here are a few.

i wonder why people who read the CCSS document come away thinking that there is a set percentage of NF versus fiction selections?

I wonder where the research base for the anchor standards is hidden in CCSS?

I wonder why more people are not talking about the exemplar texts?

I wonder where the PD for content folks is originating since CCSS indicates they are expected to include emphasis on NF and reading?

I wonder how folks from outside the field of juvenile literature are suddenly experts?

I wonder why our professional organizations are not speaking out against some of the insanities I am seeing associated with CCSS (let's begin with model frameworks, the first of which had a spelling error in it)?

I wonder why such emphasis is placed on using formulae applied to a creative product in an attempt to "measure" it (ATOS, LEXILE, etc.) as if such a thing is possible?

There are other things I wonder, but a wonder-full stack of books is calling me.
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