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Over the river and through the woods

Tomorrow morning I head home from #ncte12 and #alan12.  I have been here in Vegas for a week, and I will not miss the smoke filled air, the long hikes to workshop rooms, long lines for food, and the expenses of eating here in the hotel.  But here is what I am already missing:

1. Being surrounded by some of the smartest people I know. 
2. The passionate discussion of books.
3. The chance conversations that happen when we pass someone in the hallways.
4. Meeting some of my heroes and heroines: authors, teachers, and leaders.
5. Being surrounded by books.
6. Discovering new ways of talking about our profession and passion.
7. Seeing those smiling faces sitting enrapt in sessions.
8. Knowing I am not alone; there are others like me with the same beliefs and fears and goals.
9. Being physically near my colleagues.
10. The community of learners.

i know we will continue or work online, using Twitter and FaceBook, and back channels and other means to stay connected and in touch.  Each year, I get t chance to meet FTF the people with whom I have developed a relationship online. It enriches me.  I love putting faces and names together. 

So, I am giving thanks as I pack my suitcases, thanks for PD, thanks for the people, thanks for the books, thanks for the time.
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