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A day in the life

Saturday at NCTE dawned early.  The ALAN Breakfast began at 7 but I had to be on site shortly after 6 to help set up materials in the room.  The good thing about this is having a chance to get hugs and kisses from fellow ALANers who are also there to help.  But really, it is all about the learning.  Learned from Scott Westerfeld that writing informs art and vice versa in his series about he Leviathan.  His dry wit and insight had us moving from laughter to pregnant pauses of reflection.

Next up was s session about award winning books being talked by Jennifer Buehler, Daria Plumb, and Jenn Walsh. Loved sitting and listening to their booktalks.  The audience was riveted and did not even move when the time was wrapping up.  Dashed from there to Tech on the Go where folks were waiting to see me talk about book apps.  W had a terrific 90 minutes together.

Best time today might have been the hour grabbed with a couple of colleagues in the food court.  Finished off the day with the Middle Mosaic which used technology to connect speakers here in Veg with two classrooms if kids.

exhausted now.  Need food. Need to ice knees and rest up for tomorrow.

tweeted a much as I could, so I hope you are seeing them.  For now, bowing out before battery dies.
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